Webinar #4 – Planning For A Return To Normality with Lisa Harper

Webinar #2 – The Art of Communication with Heather Baker

Webinar #1 – Managing Your Wellbeing Whilst Working From Home with Maria Mander

Webinar – How to support your boss through COVID19

What to expect when registering with Lily Shippen (Video)

Lily Shippen | Personal Assistant Recruitment Agency Manchester | Lily and Emma

Thinking about hiring a Personal Assistant? (Video)

Lily Shippen | Admin Recruitment Agency Manchester | Personal Assistant

How has the role of a PA evolved in recent years? (Video)

How to save money when recruiting (video)

Lily Shippen | Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency Manchester | Lily

How did you become a PA & what would your advice be to someone wanting to become a PA? (Video)

What are the most important characteristics of a successful PA? (Video)

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