Key Attributes Of A Great Virtual Assistant

With more companies, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking remote support now than ever before, it is important to consider what makes a great VA. We have put together what we feel are the key attributes to look out for when searching for the right VA to bring on-board to your business.

Good Communication – The ability to communicate effectively is extremely important, especially if you are a remote worker as you do not rely on face-to-face communication. A lack of communication or poor communication can result in delays, extra costs, and an inability to complete tasks correctly. The sign of a good VA is someone who is easily reachable, quick to reply, asks questions when things are unclear and is able to speak knowledgeably and professionally to both you as the employer, as well as your customers and clients. Being a good communicator also should lend itself to being a good listener, and, as such, your VA should be able to take on board what you or your customer or client is asking of them, take notes and allow the person to finish speaking before responding. Finally, the sign of a good communicator is someone who is friendly, polite and able to diffuse any difficult situations that they might face. Bringing a VA with excellent communication skills on-board means that they should be able to complete jobs to a high standard and strike up long-lasting relationships, not just with you, but with your key clients as well.

Excellent Time Management And Organisation Skills – A VA is, more often than not, juggling multiple deadlines, projects and tasks at any one time and, as such, a high quality VA should be able to keep themselves organised and prioritise what needs to be taken care of first. A VA with good time management and organisation skills will be able to look at a project and give a good estimate on how long it will take to complete and plan their schedule accordingly, resulting in projects being completed on time and to a high standard whilst also keeping on top of other duties.   

Resourcefulness – The Oxford Dictionary defines resourcefulness as ‘the quality of being good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems, etc’ and this is vital quality that any successful VA will hold. A strong VA should be experienced using several different systems and technologies and will also have contacts they can call on when given a task to complete or if faced with an issue. A VA who is resourceful will be able to use their problem-solving skills in order to find the best, most efficient and fastest solution to any problem thrown their way!

Flexibility – For a lot of VA’s their job role and duties can be quite fluid and are not always set in stone from day one. It is therefore important that your VA can constantly adapt and be able to face new challenges as and when they come about. It could be that initially you bring a VA on-board to help with administrative tasks, but you may then ask them to assist with social media, researching and liaising with clients later down the line. You may even give your VA a task to complete which they aren’t well versed in and where they have to ‘learn on the job’ so flexibility and the ability to adapt is highly important and will allow the VA to take on any duties sent their way.

Ability To Take Initiative – With hiring managers and employers seeking people who are able to think on their feet, it is vital that your VA uses their own initiative when working and is able to manage themselves well with or without supervision. VA’s should do more than passively wait for instructions, so look for a VA who is asking for more work to help you and the business and identifies areas for improvement within a project or a system that you use and then takes action in order to improve it without you having to ask them first!

Attention To Detail –  Professional VA’s should have a keen eye for detail and will know how vital attention to detail is. When hiring a VA you want to look for someone who spends extra time searching for and correcting mistakes, big or small, as well as someone who goes the extra mile to ensure that everything is correct before they send it over for review. The quality of a project is reliant on detail provided by you as the employer, and it is important that, if your VA doesn’t feel they have enough information to complete the task to the best of their ability, they should quickly point this out and ask you questions in order to gain more detail. However, it is also important to note that everyone makes mistakes and that VA’s are only human, so the odd spelling mistake or wrong number may happen every now and then, however, a competent VA should recognise and amend any mistakes very quickly.

Technical Skills – A VA who is tech-savvy can provide huge benefits as they will know the best virtual tools to ensure productivity and efficiency. Your VA must be able to use the most modern of digital tools in order to help your business and provide quality. Look for a VA who can recommend systems to use to help your business and projects run smoothly like Asana and somewhere safe to store your important client information such as cloud storage platforms or a CRM system. It is key that your VA keeps up to date with the different technologies out there and is able to adapt to new tools as required within their role.

Ability To Take Onboard Criticism – Within most people’s roles there is nearly always room for improvement, and this is the same within the role of a VA. As such, a good VA should always be open and receptive to constructive criticism, if it is something which is going to help them work better and result in better results for the business. If there are things you feel your VA could be doing more efficiently in order to fulfil a task, then tell them. VA’s are in a lucky position where they can learn from their clients or boss, many of whom have been in business for quite some time, so any useful tips or areas for improvement will be important to your VA.

Honesty – VA’s handle a lot of work that can require managing confidential, personal and private information such as client contact information, credit card details, banking details and access to accounts. As such, honesty is a key quality to look for in a VA and when interviewing a VA it is important that you ask them how they have displayed honesty in a previous or current role and how they manage and handle private information within their role.

These are what we feel are the key attributes that successful Virtual Assistants should have in order to stand out from the crowd and be a brilliant addition to your team or company. However, at LS Virtual we thoroughly screen and vet all potential VA candidates to ensure that they have these skills and more! Once we have vetted the candidates and got to know your business and your requirements, we will then match you to what we feel is the best VA support for your business needs. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch to learn more about LS Virtual and how we can help you!

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