Disrupt. Defend. Define. 

We believe it is our responsibility to change the perceptions within the industry, by defining and creating new narratives that our candidates and clients can proudly align to.

Driving change together, we aspire to use our voice (and expertise) to disrupt the 'norm', defend the industry, and be recognised as the specialist agency for exceptional people and exceptional businesses. 

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Download our 2023 H1 Update

Our latest market update provides an overview of the Human Resources and Business Support industry for the first half of 2023.


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Download our 2024 Salary & Market Insights Survey

Our most in-depth report to date discusses trends within both Human Resource and Business Support fields using statistical analysis and industry expertise.


What will the future of the EA role look like?

Our most extensive whitepaper to date explores how the role has evolved and what the future of the profession holds.


It won't surprise you that a bad hire can be expensive.

Download our free guide and learn how to hire your perfect PA.



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